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Power Places Tours - Abuse of Transformational Authors and Speakers - SLAPP suits - Defaulted on multiple judgements against it
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Power Places Tours is a business with a 20 year track record of abuse, cheating, dishonesty and causing problems for transformational speakers who go on their tours. It is a systemic problem within the business and the evidence for such abuse is widely available on the internet. There is also evidence of people being SLAPPed and threatened with prison if they do not remove Pissed Consumer reviews. Losses incurred due to the conduct of Power... Read more

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Power Places Tours Staff Whistleblow on Bad Business Practices and Cheating Customers
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Employees of Power Places Tours confirm cheating, ripping people off and dishonesty. Power Places Tours is operated by Toby and Theresa Weiss, and the internet is filled with reports of people losing money, being cheated, subjected to SLAPP suits and harassed to remove true reviews. Significant proof is attached via screenshots. They have confirmed that people do indeed get ripped off and are ripped off often through a fraudulent surcharge -... Read more

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Power Places Tours threatened a Spiritual Master/Emissary of Source with Jail for telling the world about their abuses at the sacred sites. In association with Gregg Braden who is a famous celebrity and who seems to endorse the scandal, they have been cheating customers and transformational speakers who sign up for their tour programs. They have been doing it for many years and generally pick on decent people (whether travellers or the... Read more

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I can share that Power Places Tours threatened to hire an SEO company to make lots of websites about me labelling me as a man of bad integrity and as an extortionist as well as to try and ruin me in Court and financially - after I have told the world how this company is ripping people off, filing SLAPP like lawsuits, etc - which left me with no choice but to make pre-emptive strikes to neutralize this threat. I would suggest that any SEO... Read more

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A warning to all travellers either considering travelling to Peru in 2016 with Power Places Tours - or who have already registered:- Power Places Tours are an unethical company and many individuals and speakers worldwide have experienced heavy losses, SLAPP like lawsuits, general unpleasantness, abuse, unexpected surcharges and more. Travellers or potential travellers are advised to be very discerning and cautious and to be aware that Power... Read more

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I am an emissary of Source and a Spiritual Master who was invited to an event called Transform at the Source with Power Places Tours and Mr Braden in 2012, upon which I discovered that this company is unethical in many ways. I was threatened with unfortunate consequences including a defamation case if I spoke up. It turned out that many people have many concerns about this company. Those who are ripped off and speak up are routinely sued in... Read more

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I really don't understand what problems the complainers had. Power Places is a business. They provide a service and are entitled to get paid for it. Gregg Braden is the most brilliant person I have ever met in person, as well as being humble and extremely caring and warm. I just returned from a trip to Peru with them. Everything was perfectly organized, 5 star hotels, excellent guides, fabulous food, etc. Gregg sat down and talked to each and... Read more

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Ethics Scandal with Power Places Tours and Gregg Braden
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Spiritual Master Free Spirit speaks out about unethical behaviour at Power Places Tours as well as the importance of giving karma back. Speaking the truth when we are intimidated, bullied or cheated by unethical outside forces. Spiritual Perspectives on self-love, self-respect and standing up for ourselves in order to live in Truth. Many customers have been defrauded out of deposits under dubious contract, intimidation and bullying with Gregg... Read more

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Lost $11k and threatened with lawsuits for telling the Truth about Power Places Tours
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Power Places Tours have unveiled their next tour to Macchu Picchu with Gregg Braden in 2014. At the same time – Power Places Tours and Gregg Braden remain in denial with regard to serious ethical concerns despite many online reviews/blogs documenting all kinds of issues ranging from harassment, threats, fraud, contempt of court and defrauding travellers. In 2012 I was threatened with a defamation case for telling the truth about Power Places... Read more

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I signed up for one of their package tours in 2012 as a speaker and later included my wife. The attitude of the management was appalling and after signing up discovered serious integrity issues within the company. I withdrew after having received credible threats of harm from associates of Power Places Tours. The company show total disregard for traveller safety, put money before common sense ethics and also offer false promises of phenomenal... Read more

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