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Power Places Tours threatened a good person with a $1.5 million lawsuit after taking her deposit. Spiritual Mentor gives them poetic justice/karma and slaps a $1.5 miliion damages bill on them
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Power Places Tours took the deposit money from someone called Jeanette Maw of the Goodvibes website. They tried to slap on an extra surcharge and when she decided to cancel, they would not refund even 50% of the deposit. They decided to take all of it, pointing to what Judge Daniel Winograd later called deceptive contract. He ordered Power Places Tours to refund her, an amount that was around $6,000. Instead, Power Places Tours then threatened... Read more

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Power Places Tours are a morally dispicable New Age operation, run by Toby and Theresa Weiss and helped by Gregg Braden, Lauri Wilmott and Rita Curtis - who lead people to the tours, promising the trip of a lifetime. What really happens is that people are lured there under the guise of false spirituality. They are then cheated, ripped off, threatened, sued or harmed in other ways. Sometimes, others are abused before they even get to take the... Read more

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Beware of the Gregg Braden / Power Places Tours 2017 Trip (Andean Secrets of Sustainable Living Peru). Bad Integrity in Business Dealings, Causing Losses, SLAPP suits, Threatening People with Prison
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This is a more detailed statement of Truth that I wanted to put here to assist others in any lawsuits that they may be dealing with – with regard to Gregg Braden and Power Places Tours. There are links to evidence. It is also published in response to being threatened with jail – so that people can find out what the truth in this matter actually was I confirm this statement is the truth and nothing but the truth. I am an Emissary of Source and a... Read more

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Power Places Tours are cheats and rip people off. They have abused and ripped off many people. There is evidence to help people win their SLAPPs.
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I want to upload lots of evidence onto rip off report to help people who are the victims of SLAPPs and other lawsuits filed by Theresa Weiss of Power Places Tours. They are based in Boulder, Colorado. Lots of people are being cheated and ripped off. I also want to help my friend and spiritual mentor Free Spirit who put himself in great personal and legal danger to tell the world about what Power Places Tours are doing. They threatened him with... Read more

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I want to report Power Places Tours and Toby Weiss. He is the mastermind of a travel company operation that rips people off. He is a danger to others and people should look out for this person and Theresa Weiss. They should know who he is so that they are not harmed by their dishonest operations. They are ripping everyone off and those who talk get SLAPPed. Many people warn others on the internet and then get threatened with SLAPPs, or SLAPPed,... Read more

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Power Places Tours and Gregg Braden Andean Secrets of Sustainable Living 2017  Causing people losses, SLAPP suits, abuse, harassment of whistleblowers, dodgy business addresses, deposits scam
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Potential customers of the Andean Secrets of Sustainable Living 2017 Tour with Gregg Braden should be aware that the company operating this tour is indeed Power Places Tours, a company now well exposed for abuse, cheating, dishonesty and ripping people off, hence the use of Rip Off Report (let the truth be known and do not let them get away with it). Power Places Tours have a long history of abuse, ripping people off, desecrating the sacred... Read more

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Power Places Tours - Abuse of Transformational Authors and Speakers - SLAPP suits - Defaulted on multiple judgements against it
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Power Places Tours is a business with a 20 year track record of abuse, cheating, dishonesty and causing problems for transformational speakers who go on their tours. It is a systemic problem within the business and the evidence for such abuse is widely available on the internet. There is also evidence of people being SLAPPed and threatened with prison if they do not remove Pissed Consumer reviews. Losses incurred due to the conduct of Power... Read more

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Power Places Tours Staff Whistleblow on Bad Business Practices and Cheating Customers
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Employees of Power Places Tours confirm cheating, ripping people off and dishonesty. Power Places Tours is operated by Toby and Theresa Weiss, and the internet is filled with reports of people losing money, being cheated, subjected to SLAPP suits and harassed to remove true reviews. Significant proof is attached via screenshots. They have confirmed that people do indeed get ripped off and are ripped off often through a fraudulent surcharge -... Read more

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Power Places Tours threatened a Spiritual Master/Emissary of Source with Jail for telling the world about their abuses at the sacred sites. In association with Gregg Braden who is a famous celebrity and who seems to endorse the scandal, they have been cheating customers and transformational speakers who sign up for their tour programs. They have been doing it for many years and generally pick on decent people (whether travellers or the... Read more

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I can share that Power Places Tours threatened to hire an SEO company to make lots of websites about me labelling me as a man of bad integrity and as an extortionist as well as to try and ruin me in Court and financially - after I have told the world how this company is ripping people off, filing SLAPP like lawsuits, etc - which left me with no choice but to make pre-emptive strikes to neutralize this threat. I would suggest that any SEO... Read more

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